About Me

My name is Stephanie Sanchez I have experienced 3 ACL tears, which were all difficult  to overcome physically and mentally. 

By creating this website and allowing people to learn about the ACL; its function, anatomy, degrees of injury, etc, provide interviews by healthcare professional, and much more, I am hoping to educate people on a common injury that can occur from being active. 

Through these journals I hope that either one of these 2 occur: 

1. If you are looking for ways to prevent an injury from occurring, I suggest reading these journals to convince you to continue learning new ways to prevent an ACL tear from happening 

2. If you have torn your ACL, I am confident that these journals will provide an optimistic view on the recovery process, as well as encourage you to stay active.

Below are monthly journals from my most recent ACL tear. There will be a total of 9-12 journal entries to provide enough support throughout the recovery process :)

Journal Entries